Capital Advantage Advisory Board (CAAB)

The Capital Advantage Advisory Board (CAAB) is a committee comprising of individuals that have some connection to Capital Advantage.

The vision is to receive regular feedback from committee members regarding how we can better serve our customers and the wider community.

At its most basic level, the advisory board is a sounding board. At its best, the board can provide expertise, guidance and business-development insight. In all cases, the advisory board furnishes Capital Advantage with a group of experts who can discuss opportunities, challenges and next steps.

With the ongoing purpose of providing world class service to our customers, each month there will be a specific topic or focus that can be implemented within the business to help achieve this purpose and contribute to ongoing improvement.

As an adviser, you will be required to attend a monthly video / teleconference to share ideas and agree on the next steps for the subsequent month. At each monthly conference, Capital Advantage will report back to the Advisory Board members with results and outcomes.